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Statement about the tragic death of Jordan Neely


From Marisol Bello, Executive Director of the Housing Narrative Lab

Jordan Neely was a beloved member of his community, known for his kindness, sense of humor and his passion for music. He shared his love of music with those around him, performing on New York City streets and the subway.

And like so many of us, Jordan struggled to get by in a world that is increasingly harder to navigate. His death is a tragic loss for his family and friends and everyone who knew and loved him. 

It is a stark reminder that we are at a point of deciding what kind of community we want to be – one that helps people get the care and support they need when they need it most or one that believes it’s okay to hurt – or kill – our neighbors when they are in extreme distress. We must decide if we should all have equal opportunities to thrive or if white vigilantes can kill our Black or Brown neighbors with impunity.

Now is the time to join together and become the kind of community that would help Jordan get a safe place to call home as well as the healthcare he desperately needed. Jordan – and many of our other beloved community members – deserved so much better.


The Housing Narrative Lab is a narrative research and communications hub dedicated to growing the public’s understanding of who experiences homelessness and why.