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Gain insights from our staff and partners on the latest in narrative research and grassroots communication. Hear stories from real people who have experienced homelessness and housing insecurity.

If you would like to share a story or unique insight into the housing crisis forcing so many of our neighbors into homelessness, reach out to us at info@housingnarrativelab.org.

Share These Tested Messages in Your Community


Housing Narrative Lab is offering small grants to organizations like yours to build narrative power around the country. Housing Narrative Lab’s latest research identified narratives that help people better understand that homelessness is the result of systemic causes, such as a severe lack of affordable housing, racist and exclusionary housing policies and jobs that don’t […]

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Writing for Movements: Navigating the Maze of Academic Jargon


By Meriam Salem, Narrative Specialist As a visual storyteller and academic, I know that words and images are powerful in creating social change. Whether working on a film project, writing an academic paper or advocating for a cause, I am always looking for ways to communicate my message more effectively and authentically. That said, I […]

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Essentials for Transformative Narratives: Share Lived Experience


Narrative plays a big role in building the public will to solve homelessness. Dominant narratives about people experiencing homelessness focus on individuals making bad personal decisions,  which often lead to ineffective and dehumanizing solutions – like clearing tents and throwing out people’s belongings, including ID, medications and what they need to survive. That’s why we’re […]

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Statement about the tragic death of Jordan Neely


From Marisol Bello, Executive Director of the Housing Narrative Lab Jordan Neely was a beloved member of his community, known for his kindness, sense of humor and his passion for music. He shared his love of music with those around him, performing on New York City streets and the subway. And like so many of us, […]

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Lab Road Trip: Winter/Spring Edition


By Sarah Armour-Jones We have been busy traveling, training and learning over the past few months. It’s been a whirlwind and we want to share some highlights: Claire Sloss and I went to Gainesville, FL to attend the frank gathering, where we heard from a phenomenal collection of social impact communicators. Highlights include The Broke […]

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