A New Conversation About Homelessness

Americans are ready for a national conversation about why housing remains out of reach for so many. The Housing Narrative Lab is a national communications and narrative research hub that lifts up the stories of people facing homelessness and housing insecurity and the systems that keep them from finding and keeping a home.

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Our Work

We know the stories we tell matter. And we know that who tells the story has power. That’s why the Housing Narrative Lab works to build narrative power with those most impacted by homelessness. By fostering greater public understanding of the root causes that force our neighbors into homelessness – lack of affordable housing, jobs that don’t pay enough, racist and exclusionary housing practices – we lay the groundwork for local and national solutions.

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The Housing Narrative Lab develops data-driven and research-based communications tools. Our evidence-based approach delivers trusted information about housing insecurity and homelessness to advocates, journalists and policymakers.

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Are you passionate about how stories shape our ideas and perceptions or a researcher who values how narratives shape our view of the world AND you have an entrepreneur’s spirit to seed and grow something totally new? Join us at the Housing Narrative Lab. Let’s shape the story of housing justice and housing insecurity so together we can solve homelessness.

Please submit your materials through our website. For more information about positions at the Housing Narrative Lab, please email Marisol Bello, director, at mbello@housingnarrativelab.org.

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